Weave Your Magic…..

Well hello there….

Remember me? Oh my, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted.

I have some great news – I’ve got a great new jewellery-making workshop for you.

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Mette Haulrik and once I saw her amazing weaving work (and found out she likes a good glass of red!) I just knew I had to get her in the studio as a guest tutor.

So here it is.

Wire Weaving Class

Precious Metal Wire Weaving – you can see all the details here.

You can see more of Mette’s beautiful work on her website.

Trust me, this is going to be a great class. We are holding it over one full day, Sunday 8th November, with all materials and use of workshop tools included in the course fee, as always. I’ll even make you lunch!

Get that creativity flowing and your fingers working. Places are limited, so hop on over here to check out the details and book your place.

Hope to see you there!

(and I hope it’s not so long between posts from now on)


New Classes and a Great Tip For Storing Your Earrings

New Classes !!

Finally, I have my next round of jewellery making classes scheduled and posted online. Phew!

Click on the image for more details......

Click on the image for more details……

Head on over to my website to check out the dates and projects.

Keep losing your earrings? Here’s a tip.

If you’re storing stud earrings, they so often get separated and one of them generally ends up disappearing into the never-never. Here’s the solution, and it is simple….. use a button!

Never lose another stud earring....

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New Jewellery-Making Classes

Blog group photoWell, February is here! A month has flown by, and we are well into 2014 now.

First things first……..

New Jewellery-making Classes

Yes, the first classes for 2014 are now scheduled and open for bookings. The ever-popular Stacking Rings Class is back, scheduled for Wednesday 12th March and Saturday 15th March. I also have an exciting new Wax Carving Class coming up in March and April. This one will be great fun! Carve your design in jeweller’s wax and then have it professionally cast in sterling silver (or even gold, if you like).

Wax Carving Class

There are also two other brand new classes which I am very excited about.

Recycled Gold JewelleryIf you have any old or broken gold jewellery kicking around (and who doesn’t?), you may be interested in the Recycled Gold Class. Bring along a few grams of gold jewellery – you may have an old inherited wedding ring, broken bracelet or chain, an odd earring or two – and recycle the gold, making a brand new ring for yourself. The gold is melted and shaped, then added to a sterling silver band. Voila!




Another new class is the Spinner Rings Spinner RingsClass. These rings are really popular right now, so why not make one of your own? A fancy little silver band ‘spins’ around the main ring, which you can decorate or texture as you please. The design possibilities are endless, what will you come up with? This class is scheduled for 29th March, 2014.

A Master in the Studio.

I am quite chuffed this week. I have had the absolute pleasure of hosting a specialised course for jewellers, with guest teacher, Rex Steele Merten. For those in the jewellery industry, there is no need for me to tell you what an honour it is to have Rex here. For those who may not have heard of Rex, here’s a little run-down. Rex is a jeweller, designer, artist and teacher. He has won numerous international design awards over his fifty-plus years in the industry and would honestly have to be one of the nicest and most generous people you could meet.

Rex Merten

I am so thrilled to have him here in my own studio ( I think I’ll keep him!).

In June, Rex will be back again as guest tutor for a five-day Hand Engraving course. Details will be on my website soon.

OK, I know you’re waiting for the cutesy stuff

It’s like a zoo here at the moment. With the hot weather, and I guess some extra traffic over the holiday period, it has been a busy time with WIRES rescues. Not that I’m complaining (well, I do sometimes, but it’s short-lived).

I have a lovely ring-tail possum who was found all alone in a garden shed. He was very poorly when he was found, but is now a fat and happy little guy. We call him Goofy because when he arrived, he was all feet and ears. He really is a character and boy, can he eat!

Brushtail Possum

And then there’s Junior. His mother was hit by a car and killed. He is really little and underweight, but he is getting stronger and heavier each day. We are hoping he will get through his ordeal and grow big and fat, then he can buddy-up with Goofyand they can be released together when they are old enough.

Our little guy, Junior.

Our little guy, Junior.

We’ve also had a lovely baby ringtail possum for a couple of weeks. What a cutie! She is off to a new home tomorrow. Phew, three babies, what a handful. It’s so nice to be able to help our little native animalsand while I may curse the midnight feeds from time to time, I really do love the experience.

Instagram anyone?

InstagramI’ve taken a giant leap into technology this year. Well, maybe a tentative toe-dip is a more accurate description, but I’m out there, baby! As a small business – a creative business – my best advertising is word-of-mouth and personal referrals. If you get something from me, a piece of jewellery or an experience, that you like, I’d love for you to tell the world. So, I’m asking you this favour…..

If you are on Instagram and have done a jewellery class with me, please show off what you made. Go on, that jewellery you made is fabulous, dahhhling! Take a photo and tag it with #tkjd….. Let’s see how many pics we can get out there.

Instagram Share

So that’s it for another blog post. Next time, I’m going to share my secret recipe for diamond jewellery cleaner….and no doubt, there will be more possum photos. Oh, and a little jewellery too.

Happy February!


A Brand New Year!

Happy New Year

A new year is always so inspiring. For me, this year it is especially so. It is the start of my first full year in my studio, working in a place I love, doing the things I love….all the time.

I will be honest, taking this big step has, at times, been a challenge. So far though, I have to say, I am loving the trip. With this wonderful new year now here, it’s time to dive in and make things happen.

So, what’s going on this year?

Jewellery-Making Classes

I am working on the 2014 Classes at the moment. I had hoped to have everything done by now but, as some of you know, I had some health issues last year that set me back a little. I’m all back on track now with a head full of ideas, so I will be spending the next couple of weeks finalising dates and projects.

Jewellery Workshop

I am also very excited to have been invited to teach a five-day beginners jewellery-making class at U.S.Q. McGregor School (Toowoomba) in July. I will post more information about that in coming weeks.

Remodelling Old Jewellery.

This is something I just love doing. To see old, broken or unwanted jewellery sitting in a drawer is such a shame. The gold-buyers won’t give you close to what it’s worth and often, you may not want to give it up. Here’s an example of a gorgeous remodel I did recently.

Amethyst Ring Remodel afterOh yes, looking forward to many more remodels in 2014.

Being Creative & Enjoying Life.

What else is there, really? There are so many beautiful sights around me in this gorgeous studio, every day a different wonder of nature to see.

Gorgeous sights from around the studio

Gorgeous sights from around the studio

And I am surrounding myself with wonderfully creative people. I was lucky enough to stumble upon some great resources for inspiration and motivation towards the end of last year and I have grabbed them by the….well, you know. My favourite so far just has to be Leonie Dawson’s “Create Your Amazing Year” workbook. Have a look at her website here. Leonie has a bunch of awesome free stuff as well as the workbooks for life and business.


Click on the image to go to Leonie's Website

Click on the image to go to Leonie’s Website

So there you have it…..my first post for 2014. You’ll certainly see some changes to my site and blog this year. I just can’t wait to show you my new classes (not much longer now) and I have a whole heap of lovely jewellery designs in mind, just itching to be made.

Happy New Year……let it be joyous !



From the Workshop….

Once again I’m sitting here at the computer wondering where on earth the time goes. I have had a wonderfully busy few weeks and am settling in to my studio so well that I feel like I have been here forever. While there are still a few finishing touches that need attention, it is like a second home to me. In fact, I think I spend more time here than actually at home these days. I still find it hard to believe the transformation.

Tracy Kelly Jewellery Design

What a difference!

We were very lucky last week. As a number of fires caused havoc in the Hawkesbury, we were well away from them. Thankyou to everyone that called, emailed or messaged me to check on our safety. Summer is certainly on its way.

I had the absolute pleasure earlier this week of being guest speaker at the WIlberforce CWA. I gave a talk on jewellery which included information on how gold alloys are made, what to look out for when buying, and some insight into the jewellery industry in general. We also discussed diamonds and gemstones and how to care for and maintain your jewellery. It was a great groupand they made me so welcome.

So….what’s on the bench? Recycling or remodelling of old jewellery is becoming very popular. And why not? With the seemingly sudden emergence of those “We pay cash for your gold” kiosks, it seems people are reminded of what they have tucked away. Of course, once they find out exactly how much little cash they will actually get for their treasure it can be disappointing. If you are looking at selling your gold and buying more jewellery, you are much better off to just remodel or recycle what you have. Here’s an example of a recent job. A plain wedding band made from old goldand there is gold left over for another project.

So what do you have stashed away?

And now for some cuteness…

Not jewellery-related, but I just had to share this little bundle of cuteness with you. I am a WIRES volunteer and this little brushtail possum recently came into my care for a short period of time. She was not injured but had been separated from her mother and found all alone and distressed. After being rehydrated and fed, she is now doing really well. She just loved munching on native flowers, collected right here on my property. I would love to have kept her forever!

I also wanted to give a big thanks to the ladies from Little Acorns Patchwork Group at Tuross Head, who have so generously offered to make pouches for these WIRES animals. It is such a lovely thing to doand now a lot of little babies like this one will be snug and warm thanks to you.

Stacking Rings Class – 12th October

Still a place left for the Stacking Rings class in October. This class won’t run again until next year, so if you are keen to do it, best jump in now. Five rings in one day! Click here for more information.

The Sunday classes are going well, we are having a lot of fun and getting very creative. Perhaps I will remember to take some photos this Sunday….


Studio News….

I feel like a kid at Christmas right now. New studio, new website, a bunch of new designs on the bench and the smell of fresh coffee from my new coffee machine….. I am sitting here now, looking out at the kookaburras sitting in the trees and feeling very content.

So, what do you think of the new website? I decided to jump in and build it myself, so it is still a work in progress, but I am really happy with it so far. I’m working on adding a lot more to the site, including an online store. I am also going to Princess Cut Diamond Ringrelaunch my Snake Jewellery Range in the near future. I am putting the finishing touches on a couple of new jewellery collections tooand I have some gorgeous engagement ring designs in the works.

This is a beautiful engagement ring I recently made in white gold with three princess cut diamonds.



Just recently, I exhibited at the East Kurrajong School of Arts Community Hall Hobby Show. I just love these local events and I had the pleasure of meeting a lot of new people. The weather held out for us and the event was a great success for the hall, which relies on community funding.
I have a few new jewellery-making classes scheduled, so this was also a great way for me to promote those.

Speaking of jewellery-making classes, here is a listing of upcoming workshops.

Don’t forget, one of my most popular services is the remodelling of old jewellery. I have a few remodels on the go at the moment and will post before and after photos as they are completed. We all have a couple of pieces of old or broken jewellery tucked away, too precious or sentimental to get rid of but just not quite what we want to wear, right? You can make an appointment for a design consultation with me here at my studio or, send me a photo via email and I will work on some design ideas for you.

Well, that bench really is calling……


Some New Jewellery-making Classes

I have a couple of great classes scheduled for March and April. These are a little more advanced than previous classes, but are still ideal for beginners. Don’t be scared, you can do it!!

Here’s what you can make in my March workshop:


Yes, this cute ring can be made in just one day. Choose your gemstone and come up with a design that pleases you, then get stuck in and make this little beauty!
This is a full-day class which runs from 9am to 4pm. There are two dates to choose from: Saturday 16th March or Monday 18th March.

Looks like fun huh?

I’m also taking bookings now for my April workshop where you will make these.


Five rings in one day…..yes, FIVE.
Make a pile of stacking rings that you can wear individually or all together. As always, you can customise your designs to suit your own style and with this class, I have added the option of adding gold. Your gold, not mine…. If you have an odd gold earring or other small item tucked away in a drawer or jewellery box, bring it with you and recycle it to add as an accent to your rings.

This class is also suitable for beginners, although if you have some experience it will be helpful.

The Stacking Rings Class runs for a full day, 9am to 4pm with two dates available: Saturday 20th April and Monday 22nd April.


Limited numbers of students ensure you get a lot of personal assistance in these fun and creative workshops.

Price of each class is $185 which includes all materials and use of tools. Please feel free to email me for more information or, of course, to book your place or head over to my Facebook page.

I’m looking forward to my February workshop coming up this weekend and hope to have some great photos to post next week.

Thanks for stopping by……..

A Quick Update

Hello again. Just a quick update on what’s happening in my world of jewellery making.

Firstly, the thing everyone is asking about…..classes!

I was hoping to get another class or two in before Christmas, but I just can’t do it. Wait…..don’t go away. There is good news. I am working on a number of classes starting early next year. I’m designing and making samples. Details will be coming soon.

Just as a teaser, here is a photo of one of the class projects I have planned – Stacking Rings.

In this class, you will make up to five rings in one day that stack neatly together on your finger. There’s also an option to bring in some of your old gold, melt it and add it to your rings. Sounds like fun, huh?


The studio is still progressing nicely. We have running water and electricity now (woohoo) and it’s now time to start building benches.

I now have a Facebook store with some lovely earrings now available. I’ll be adding some of my custom designs soon as well as some of my exclusive Snake Jewellery pieces. I just have to get some time with my camera at the photo box. Photographing jewellery is hard!

Here are a couple of items listed on Facebook.



ImageIf you’re not on Facebook and you’d like some more information on these earrings, please email me.

I’m also working on some really nice custom made items at the moment and I’ll bring you photos as soon as they’re done.

Have a great weekend !