New Classes and a Great Tip For Storing Your Earrings

New Classes !!

Finally, I have my next round of jewellery making classes scheduled and posted online. Phew!

Click on the image for more details......

Click on the image for more details……

Head on over to my website to check out the dates and projects.

Keep losing your earrings? Here’s a tip.

If you’re storing stud earrings, they so often get separated and one of them generally ends up disappearing into the never-never. Here’s the solution, and it is simple….. use a button!

Never lose another stud earring....

Just take a regular old button (the bigger and brighter the better) and secure the studs through the holes. Your earrings won’t scratch up against each other and the two stay together. Use a big, bright coloured button and they are super easy to find in the jewellery box or drawer.

Where you’ll find me hangin’ out……online, that is.

To those of you that subscribe to my newsletter and responded to my recent survey, thankyou. I have been in the studio now for a little over twelve months and it’s time to take a look at who my lovely followers are, where you hang out and what it is you really want.

As always, Facebook is a biggie and those who know me, know that I love Facebook. It seems now that a lot of you folk are heading over to Google+ as well, so I’m dipping my toes in over there too. I’m still trying to figure it all out, but you should be able to find me by searching for JewellerTracy. Let me know if you have any trouble.

I’ve never really been much of a Twitterer (or should that be Tweeter? I’m never quite sure) and although I do have a Twitter account ( #JewellerTracy ), I rarely have much to say (oh, the jokes my family could insert here). Instagram though, is another story….just love that little app. To follow me, or just have a look, just search for Tracy Kelly Jewellery Design. Another biggie these days is Pinterest and you’ll find me over there too. Wow, I’m everywhere!!

McGregor Winter School – USQ Toowoomba

I was recently invited to teach a five-day jewellery-making course at McGregor Winter School in Toowoomba, regarded as one of the very best performing, visual and creative arts experiences in the country.

McGregor Winter School

I had such a wonderful time. The creative atmosphere around the campus was just infectious. What an inspiring group of people, both teachers and students, some of whom have been attending McGregor schools for well over twenty years. In twenty years time, I sure hope I’m still going there!

And what a lovely group of people I had in my class! (What is it with jewellery-makers? You’re all so gosh-darn nice) And the work they did over the week was truly amazing. Most had never done any jewellery-making before, some just a little but by the end of the week they were firing up those torches like pros.


In all seriousness, I am so pleased that I was given the opportunity to teach at McGregor and have made some great new friends from it. Next year (if they’ll have me), I hope to see some familiar faces again and delve in to some more advanced techniques.

From the Bench.

OK, time to show off. I recently made this gorgeous ring for one of my regular clients.

She had some old jewellery that included three sapphires and one very nice diamond. I sourced a matching diamond for her and we came up with this classic design. Because sapphires and diamonds are very hard, they resist scratches so, even though the gemstones in this new ring are quite old, you’d never know and this is really a design style that will never go out of fashion. Just beautiful…….

Sapphire Diamond Ring Remodel

Well, that’s another blog post…..

But wait…where’s the cute stuff?

Junior (also known as Stinky) has made his way out into the big wide world and left home and, although that is really the outcome we were aiming for, we miss him terribly. It’s lovely to think he is out there making a possum-life (and hopefully possum babies) for himself.

Goofy – well I’m not sure he’ll ever leave completely (and secretly, that’s what I’m hoping). He’s off on his own most of the time but still comes home now and then. We are thinking we’ll shortly need to cut a bigger hole in his box so he can fit that big furry butt through!

Big Furry Butt