Remodelling Your Old Jewellery

Times change, trends come and go, and sometimes our tastes just change over time. All good reasons to remodel your old jewellery. I’m sure every one of you reading this now has something tucked away in a drawer that is valuable enough to keepbut not quite what you want to wear. Remodelling your old jewellery is a great way to keep the sentimental value without breaking the bank. Most of the time, that’s exactly why people come to me to have something remodelled…..but not always.

Regardless of where you buy or the price you pay, jewellery will always suffer wear and tear. Metal may seem hard, but really, it is not and it will wear down over time. Depending on how often you wear your jewellery and how well (or not) you treat it, as well as the original quality of the ring, you may find you need repairs done at some stage.

Jewellery Remodelling

Rings with worn claws and a missing diamond.

Jewellery, especially rings, that have claw-set gemstones are especially prone to damage, either by the claws catching on something and breaking off, or just wearing down. As you can see here (ring on the left), a diamond has been lost due to the claws on the ring wearing away. The ring has not been mistreated, it just happens over time, in this case, quite a long time, which is a good thing.

So, sure, I could have just replaced the diamond and re-tipped the claws…. The problem is, once we start working on something like this, it is never quite the same. While it looks nice and new, there is still weakness. The re-tipping and restoration will give a few more years of wear to the client but then what? Restoring this ring was going to be costly and would only give maybe two to three years worth of wear. After that, the best option would be to remake the ring entirely. So, my advice was to do that right away…..why spend money twice, right?

My client really liked her original design and didn’t want to completely change it. However, I wanted to ensure that the ring was durable as she wears it all the time. Now, I’m not a big fan of claw settings on any rings that will be worn every day. They look great, but they do wear down as mentioned above so I designed the new ring with this in mind. The semi-bezels in the centre of the rings protect the diamonds and create a very secure setting. Being white gold, they highlight the diamonds and give extra brightness, making them appear larger and setting the smaller diamonds into the band helps protect them. My client also had another diamond ring that she didn’t wear any more, but that had sentimental value, so we added that in to the design (ring on the right).

Diamond Ring Design

The design sketch and finished ring.

I also added a white gold wave through the centre to give the ring a more modern look and to compliment the white gold settings.

Diamond Ring RemodelI am very happy with the outcome of this design. The ring looks amazing and is now ready for many, many more years of every-day wear. So, if you are looking at a costly restoration or repair job, consider remodelling. From a practical point of view, in the long run, it is a lot more cost effective. From a sentimental point of view, your original gold and gemstones are incorporated into the design, so you will still have that personal attachment to the jewellery.

If you have some old jewellery that you are considering having remodelled, you can take a photo and send me an email or make an appointment for a design consultation. There is a popular trend right now to cash in old gold, you’ve all seen those gold-buying booths, I’m sure. But why not use it and treat yourself to something special? I am also finding that remodelling inherited jewellery is now gaining popularity, especially as a gift. As a Mum, you may have Grandma’s rings tucked away with the intention of giving them to your daughter for her 18th or 21st birthday, but what will she do with them as they are? Will she wear them? Are they in good condition? Probably not. Why not consider remodelling them into a modern, secure and wearable piece of jewellery that she will love (and actually wear!).

And don’t forget, it isn’t only rings that can be remodelled. I can remodel a ring into a pendant, a pendant into earrings, earrings into a ring… get the picture.

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