Custom Made Jewellery:

Pricess-cut DIamond Engagement Ring.

Pricess-cut DIamond Engagement Ring.

I can design and hand craft any piece of jewellery to suit your personal style and taste. I have access to a huge inventory of precious diamonds and gemstones and will gladly design something exclusively for you. Engagement rings are a personal item that you will wear forever, so you want to get the design right. I will work with you, taking into account your taste and budget. I can source a range of diamonds or gemstones for you to choose from, then custom make the perfect ring for you.

Perhaps you have an idea for a special pendant, dress ring or earrings. I can help you transform that idea into a reality. Contact me to arrange an obligation-free consultation in my design studio or email me with your ideas and I can prepare a design and quote for you. All enquiries are genuinely welcome.




Amethyst Ring Remodel after

Do you have an old piece of jewellery that is looking a little worse for wear? Maybe you have inherited something that you have an emotional attachment to, but just don’t really like the style of. Perhaps you have a number of old items tucked away in a drawer that you don’t wear anymore, but just can’t bear to part with.
I can use your existing gemstones and incorporate your precious metal into a new, modern design. Why not see what treasures you have tucked away and create a stunning new look.

See this blog post for an example.


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