Looking to buy a diamond?

Perfect Brides & Weddings premiere edition.

Perfect Brides & Weddings premiere edition.

Sitting with a well-earned coffee in the studio the other day, I was flicking through some old jewellery magazines, as I often do, looking for design inspiration and checking out how styles have changed, or in some cases, stayed the same.

I came across this copy of Perfect Brides & Weddings and remembered that I had actually been asked to write an article on purchasing a diamond for this premiere issue.

Rereading it, I realised that although it was published some years ago, the information is still very relevant today, so I thought I’d share it with you.

So grab a coffee and enjoy.

White Fire

It’s so romantic…. you and your true love have decided to make it official and travel life’s journey together and it starts with that perfect symbol of love…..a diamond.



Nature’s own creation, a symbol of your commitment and love for each other, not always flawless, but always shining brightly for the world to see and admire.

Unfortunately, for many couples this image is far from reality and the process of choosing and purchasing a diamond becomes something of a nightmare, certainly not the ideal start to this period of romance and elation. For many brides, a less than satisfactory diamond buying experience can leave them with such a negative image of their diamond that they lose the emotional connection with their engagement ringand the pleasure of wearing it is diminished.

The simple fact of the matter is you can avoid complication and disillusionment by arming yourself with some basic knowledge. It is indeed a shame that the jewellery industry has fast become one soured by misrepresentation and secrecy. With the emergence in popularity and dependence on the internet, consumers are now self-educating themselves to a certain degree, but with such an influx of information, it is easy to become confused. So who should you trust…. and why? Continue reading

Studio News….

I feel like a kid at Christmas right now. New studio, new website, a bunch of new designs on the bench and the smell of fresh coffee from my new coffee machine….. I am sitting here now, looking out at the kookaburras sitting in the trees and feeling very content.

So, what do you think of the new website? I decided to jump in and build it myself, so it is still a work in progress, but I am really happy with it so far. I’m working on adding a lot more to the site, including an online store. I am also going to Princess Cut Diamond Ringrelaunch my Snake Jewellery Range in the near future. I am putting the finishing touches on a couple of new jewellery collections tooand I have some gorgeous engagement ring designs in the works.

This is a beautiful engagement ring I recently made in white gold with three princess cut diamonds.



Just recently, I exhibited at the East Kurrajong School of Arts Community Hall Hobby Show. I just love these local events and I had the pleasure of meeting a lot of new people. The weather held out for us and the event was a great success for the hall, which relies on community funding.
I have a few new jewellery-making classes scheduled, so this was also a great way for me to promote those.

Speaking of jewellery-making classes, here is a listing of upcoming workshops.

Don’t forget, one of my most popular services is the remodelling of old jewellery. I have a few remodels on the go at the moment and will post before and after photos as they are completed. We all have a couple of pieces of old or broken jewellery tucked away, too precious or sentimental to get rid of but just not quite what we want to wear, right? You can make an appointment for a design consultation with me here at my studio or, send me a photo via email and I will work on some design ideas for you.

Well, that bench really is calling……


Welcome !

Well, I made it over here to WordPress. If you’ve come from my other blog, thanks for following me. If you’ve stumbled upon this blog another way, welcome! I hope you like what you see.

For the new followers, let me tell you a little about myself (those that know me can skip ahead). I’m a qualified jeweller – that’s a REAL jeweller, not a beader. Not that I have anything against beaders, not at all. It’s just that so many times I’m doing the whole “so, what do you do?” thing at a party or gathering, I say “I’m a jeweller” and the response is something along the lines of….. “Oh, that beading is getting very popular these days”. Why? I don’t know, but I like to get that out of the way early.

I specialise in custom made designing. Engagement rings, wedding rings and remodelling of old jewellery. Let’s face it, some of those rings you bought in the seventies could really do with a revamp. Or perhaps you have something that you have just worn to death. That’s right, jewellery does not last forever……but most gemstones do. It’s no good to you sitting in the back of the drawer, gemsĀ  were made for fingers!

Speaking of beaders (we were a minute ago)…. Are you a beader that wants to move on to more challenging jewellery making? Well, I can help. I love to teach jewellery making to hobbyists. Maybe you’ve just always wondered how jewellery was made. Even if you’ve never picked up a pair of pliers, there will be a class to suit you. I’m currently building a studio that is purpose-built for jewellery making classes but in the meantime, I have a great venue at East Kurrajong NSW where I’m holding a few classes. For upcoming projects, you can visit my Facebook page, sign up for my newsletter, or check back here.

Please be patient while I get used to the new blog format. As a web-tech, I make a great jeweller.